Our Cars

Meet our Vintage Beauty the Bentley S1. A true traditional curvy bridal car from 1956, she glides elegantly and makes for stunning photos, the way to make the perfect entrance. She can hold a maximum of four passengers and comes with deep pile carpets and blue leather interior.

A stunning choice of transport that is able to carry up to seven passengers. Ideal for taking a large bridal party or even just for the bride who needs maximum space! It has a bench seat at the rear  which will comfortably hold up to three passengers and fold away seats in front of this which will ttake another three passengers, with the seats folded away it leaves more than ample room for even the biggest of dresses! We have a selection to choose from including a rare Daimler Landaulette.

This is the perfect brides car with lush deep pile carpets, perfect cream leather interior, walnut trim and air conditioning. It has plenty of room in the Рback for those with large dresses and can a maximum of four passengers.

You can be transported in our luxurious 1933 Vintage Rolls Royce Tourer with the added bonus of being able to be travel with the roof up or down. The car is powered by a 4.2 petrol engine which enables it to be both powerful and elegant. Comes complete with 1930’s uniformed chauffeur and red carpet.

Meet our Beauford Tourer, it is a classic example of 1930’s style. Providing the elegance and style of a bygone era. All of our convertible cars have full weatherproof sides so they can be used in any weather conditions. They will seat the bride and escort. The front passenger seat is removed for extra dress space for the bride. We have a choice of three in different colour combinations.